vSun 1.1

Free Size: :1.21 MB


Emulator for old mobile games

Free Size: :124 KB

iNES 3.4

Play Nintendo NES games on your S60 phone

Free Size: :141 KB

Virtual GameBoy 3.5

Increase your games catalogue with this smart emulator

Free Size: :153 KB

ScummVM 0.9.1

Play your LucasArts point-and-click games on your cellphone!

Free Size: :1.4 MB

S60-CPC 0.1

Emulate the Amstrad CPC on your phone

Free Size: :242 KB

MasterGear 2.1

MasterSystem emulator for Nokia S60 v3 phones

Free Size: :131 KB

Super GoBoy 1.4.1

Version of GoBoy with support for sound and ZIP files

Free Size: :145 KB

Snes9x 0.40

Enjoy the best SNES titles with this emulator for UIQ phones

Free Size: :237 KB

EMame 1.11

Finally MAME for Nokia Series 60!

Free Size: :1.3 MB