Symbian FileExplorer 1.0

Access your cellphone with this Windows file explorer

Free Size: :19.44 kB

Mobile Disinfector 1.07.1

Protect your cellphone from viruses, worms and other malicious code

Free Size: :66.91 kB

Nokia Step Counter 0.25

If you've been piling on the pounds and want to get those thighs in shape for bikini season then look no further than your Nokia phone for help....

Free Size: :378.16 kB

Best vCal 1.01

Excellent tool for working with appointments and tasks

Free Size: :32.05 kB

SpeedHero 1.01

Measure the speed of your goal shots

Free Size: :2.55 MB

InstantSis for Symbian InstantSis 2.1

Tool for transferring SIS files

Free Size: :42 KB

TaskSpy for Symbian TaskSpy 0.96

Free task management application

Free Size: :25 KB

i-nigma for Android i-nigma 3.17.02

i-nigma Barcode Scanner QR

Free Size: :682 KB

Best TaskMan for Symbian Best TaskMan 2.04

TaskMan helps you control your device better. It shows full information about device memory, running applications, processes, opened files and...

Free Size: :278 KB

DROS for Symbian DROS 0.53

DROS enables the user to relive the glory days of 80s computing on their mobile phone. Features include: * DOS like command shell providing a set...

Free Size: :275 KB